Stay at OlioHouse


$60 for bed in dorm

$100 for private room

About the stay

We want OlioHouse to be a clubhouse for scenius members who want to slow down and break away from the New York City energy for a bit. This summer, we've decided to open our house up one or two days a week for members to come stay for a night.

There won't be any Olios going on and you can spend your day however you'd like. There will likely be a handful of other Olio members up at the same time working on creative projects, reading in a nook in the library, cooking dinner, or walking to the swimming hole. There is plenty of space to sneak off on your own so it's up to you whether you go chat by the bonfire or get some much-needed alone time.


Location details

We are a little less than a 2 and a half hour train ride from Grand Central. You can take the Harlem Line of the MetroNorth to Wassaic, NY and it will cost 19.50 each way. We are a short walk from the train station but depending on the weather we will come to meet you there on foot or in a car. 

If you'd rather drive it is about a 2-hour trip and we have room for parking.


Additional information

Reach out to with any questions about your stay. If you'd like to come up for a date that is not available on our calendar or stay longer, just let us know and maybe we can make it work. We'd love to have you!