Members Only | Scenius Summit 2019

Members Only | Scenius Summit 2019

Dec 29th at OlioHouse

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*Scenius members can invite one friend who is not (yet) a member of the Scenius to join us. Just buy two tickets at checkout.*

The Scenius Summit

To celebrate New Year’s weekend we’re opening up OlioHouse to the Scenius for a two-day summit of shared learning, cooking, teaching, and partying, all while working towards one hell of a 2019. Once you rsvp, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a 30 min slot for whatever you'd like to share – but no pressure if you'd rather just hang and take it all in!

No Professor New Year's Weekend

Our Scenius is growing, and lately, we’ve been intrigued by the idea of just putting our heads together for a weekend and seeing what we come up with in place of having a formal professor guide the way.

What would an Olio weekend look like without any central figure directing us, and rather, our collective of members taking turns to guide our time? We know that creativity abounds in the Scenius and we can only imagine what might be born from a No Professor New Year’s weekend full of sharing creative pastimes, teaching and learning, and practicing the power of community. This will be an awesome opportunity to play a part in Think Olio's direction for 2019!


We know we aren't the only ones ready for a break from bouncing around the city in search of the perfect party in 15 degree weather. The Scenius Summit offers an alternative: let’s take this time to intentionally be together, entertain wild ideas and plot new projects, build relationships with new friends and deepen connections with old friends, as well as teach/learn/create/all of the above simultaneously. Also, we have a fireplace, a library, and a movie theater :D

The Details

We’ll invite all of you to share a talent, a story, a theory, a recipe, or any damn thing that comes to mind when you think of a Scenius gathering. Some tentative activities are: bread baking, map making, Muay Thai, vision boarding, water coloring, film screenings and much more.

What to Expect

Food: We'll provide the essentials - breakfast, beer and cider. We’ll also have some basic ingredients for lunches. Bring what you can and we will cook communally. 

Party: On Saturday night, our favorite new bar, The Lantern Inn is throwing a NYE party with a live band, so we can all walk over and dance the night away to celebrate a weekend of setting badass intentions.

Sleep: You can book a bed or a private room for the night. We’ll have activities going all day, and of course, plenty of free time to just enjoy this cozy home (the Apiary, our living library is now open) and all the surrounding nature. Email us if you'd like to book two nights.

PS - We will be unveiling our newest Scenius development, a members-only section of with private events, exclusive content, and a forum to help our members communicate and organize with one another.